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  • Getting a Grant: The Short Version

    We've all seen the ads on television for free government money. Is it really possible that the government or a private agency will simply give you money to help start your new minority owned business?   Full Story »

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    Understanding And Qualifying For Minority Grants

    In the present economy, it's clear that many people need a little extra help to get started, whether they're trying to go to school or run a business. Minority groups may find it especially difficult to pursue higher education or get a small business operating.  Fortunately, minority grants can help level the playing field and make it easier for minorities to achieve these things.  Full Story »

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    Getting Started With Minority Small Business Grants

    If you're a minority and aspire to start your own business, you've probably heard over and over how easy it is for minority businesses to get off the ground thanks to all the minority small business grants out there. However, when you try to actually look into those grants and find out what your options are, it might feel like you're hitting a wall. Full Story »

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    How To Get Paid To Go To College

    The cost of earning a Bachelor's Degree is often two-fold. First, students have to pay for expenses directly related to school. Second, students often have to take a pay cut when pursuing a college degree full-time. There is a way to make is through school without ending up in outstanding student loan debt due to cost of living expenses. Full Story »

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    The Minor And Major Aspects Of Minorities

    Education has never been more expensive as it is today. It's understandable that students are doing everything possible to save as much money as they can and find ways to fund their education that they don't have to pay back or pay outrageous interest fees on. Full Story »

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    Minority Small Business Start up Loans

    Moving forward with the intended direction of a business is an exciting ordeal. Whether the business has been around for a few years, or is still in the planning stage, having the proper funding is crucial to the success of the company. For minority business owners, which are defined by the Equal Opportunity Employer Commission as individuals that are Hispanic, Black, American Indian, Alaskan Native, Asian, Pacific Islander, and minority women, there are specific loans available to help a growing business along. Full Story »